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Choosing a Hospital for Surgery

Most people check restaurant reviews or even a product rating before making a decision. Shouldn't the same be said about choosing a hospital? When you plan ahead, choosing the right hospital can help you make an informed choice and meet your health care needs.

1. Talk to Your Doctor

Talk with your doctor, and find out which hospitals he or she is affiliated with. With this list, see which hospital he or she recommends for your particular condition. You will want to know if they have experience with your condition and who else will be working with you.

2. Think About Your Health Insurance

Since you don't want to pay more than necessary, you will want to choose a hospital that accepts your insurance. Do you need permission from your health plan? Do you have to pay more to use this hospital? What about the other specialists who may be working with you? Are they going to be covered by your insurance policy? If you have questions about anything insurance-related, it's best to call them up ahead of time to play it safe.

3. Think About Your Preferences

Chances are your friends and family may want to visit you before and after the procedure. Pay close attention to how close the hospital is to your loved ones, and pay attention to the visitor rules. When can visitors visit? Do they have rules that are important to you? For example, can a relative stay the night in your room?

4. Check the Results

When you decide on a hospital, see what other patients have said about this hospital. This can be done by either visiting the "Hospital Care" tool on the official Medicare website or by simply searching the hospital's name, followed by the word "review" or "survey." See what patients said about their experience and which conditions were treated.

In the end, try to find a hospital that's experienced with your condition, has a high satisfaction score with its patients, and participates with your health insurance plan. By taking the time to research this information ahead of time, you can be assured you're going to be in good hands while you get your procedure done.