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Guidelines for Choosing an Imaging Center

Important decisions require sufficient time because they affect you in the long run. Choosing an imaging center for a diagnostic imaging scan is crucial to make sure you get the best care possible. You need to choose the imaging center where you will have a CT scan, ultrasound, MRI, or digital x-ray done in a professional way. The freedom to choose a center is great; however, having a wide variety of choices to choose from is daunting. To ensure you get the scans you require and a good experience, here are guidelines that will help you decide on an imaging center.

Check credentials

Relevant authorities should accredit the imaging center you choose. For instance, centers in America should be approved by American College of Radiology. Additionally, the radiologists and technicians should be registered or be board certified in a particular area of specialization such as MRI or ultrasound. A reputable imaging center should be more than willing to provide you with accreditation information.

Access to advanced technology

It is one of the most crucial factors to consider. An imaging facility should use the best technology possible. Inquire with the facility if they have a wide bore MRI machine or an open MRI machine. Note that the quality of the machine will determine how well a patient can be diagnosed.


An imaging facility should emit low radiation when carrying out scans or other imaging procedures. Additionally, safety in the machines is another important aspect. You don’t want to get stuck in a closed MRI machine because a safety check has not been done in years.


Cost is one of the most relevant points for most people. Find an imaging facility that does not break the bank. Treasure Valley Hospital Imaging provides high-quality, low-cost imaging services and can schedule you quickly. Choose a facility that gives a breakdown of all the costs before you go through the procedure to ensure that you are financially prepared.

Outstanding doctors and amazing staff

You want to be handled by a physician who knows what they are doing when carrying out the procedures. You want to be served by friendly and organized staff. Consider how well the staff is trained and how long they have been working in the imaging profession.


Ask your doctor to recommend a particular facility. Alternatively, you can talk to a trusted friend or family member who has undergone a scan recently. People who have visited a facility are in a better position to tell you how their experience was and other things you want to know. It is also a reliable way of finding a reputable facility since you get first-hand information.

With the above guidelines, you can be sure to make the best decision on an excellent facility. If you're unsure about the differences between an MRI and a CT Scan, be sure to read our last blog post here. Your health comes first; therefore, take your time to choose a reputable facility for your diagnostic imaging procedure. Remember to look for reviews about an imaging center or hospital.

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