Remove Foreign Bodies From Ears

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Remove Foreign Bodies From Ears

Is there something lodged in your ear that doesn't belong? Unsure of what steps you should take next? At Treasure Valley Hospital our goal is to serve and educate you to feel as confident as possible in your health. Continue reading this article to find out more.

What Are Foreign Bodies?

Anything that doesn't belong in your ear is considered a Foreign Body. Some of the most common things include:

  • Paper wads/products
  • Beads/buttons
  • Foods like beans or peas
  • Insects

Other, more dangerous, objects include:

  • Small batteries
  • Magnets
  • Sharp objects
Remove Foreign Bodies From Ears at Treasure Valley Hospital

When to Consult an ENT Doctor

While many people can remove the foreign body at home (using a pair of tweezers or filling the ear with a safe oil to allow the object to move towards the entrance), some circumstances may require professional help. Contact your doctor if:

  • You are unable to remove the object
  • You are in severe pain
  • You have/suspect you have a perforated eardrum
  • Discharge
  • Bleeding
  • You already have ear tubes or other medical conditions that complicate the situation

Removing Foreign Bodies From The Ear: The Procedure

There are several things an ENT doctor can do to remove the foreign body and repair whatever damage may have been done:

  • First, your doctor will examine your ear to determine what the object is, if there are any open wounds or infections, and the best way to remove the foreign body.
  • If the object is not an insect, your doctor will either use tweezers or a hook tool to remove the object.
  • If the object is an insect, your doctor will most likely use water or mineral oil to remove it, or a safe chemical to kill the insect before removal.
  • After the foreign body is removed, your doctor will treat any wounds or infections.

What is the Recovery Time After Removing Foreign Bodies From the Ear?

It may take some time to heal if there is an infection, open wound, or swelling due to the foreign body/removal; however, recovery should happen on its own within a week. If the eardrum has been perforated, it normally heals within 2 months, depending on whether surgery is required to repair it.

Why Choose Treasure Valley Hospital for Removal of Foreign Bodies From the Ear?

If you're looking for more information on this topic, a different procedure, or wondering if our team might be the right fit for you, contact one of our ENT Doctors and make an appointment!

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