Tendon Repair

What is Tendon Repair Surgery?

Tendons are fibrous band-like tissues that connect muscles to bone. They help in the joint movement by pulling the bones and muscles together. The surgery done to treat or repair a torn or damaged tendon is called a tendon repair surgery. When the tendon gets damaged, it causes pain, swelling, bruising and restricted movement. Tendon repair surgery is helpful for those who have a tendon rupture and the symptoms are not relieved by non-surgical methods.

How is it Diagnosed?

Tendon rupture is a serious condition and can cause excruciating pain and permanent disability if left untreated. Generally, tendon rupture occurs in middle-aged or older people. However, it can occur in young people too. Those who are actively involved in sports are especially at risk.

What Causes Tendon Rupture?

Conditions which can cause the tendon to rupture may include:

  • Direct trauma or a fall
  • A sudden increase in the intensity or duration of a physical activity
  • Vigorous or strenuous physical activity by those who are not well conditioned
  • Not warming up before playing any sport or working out
  • Running or exercising on an uneven surface
  • Playing sports that have sudden starts and stops
  • Lifting very heavy objects may cause a tendon rupture in the shoulder (rotator cuff) or arms (biceps tendon).
  • Advanced age: With age, blood circulation decreases. Decreased blood supply results in weakening of the tendon and makes it more prone to an injury or a rupture.
  • Eccentric loading: If the muscle contracts while it is being pulled in the opposite direction, increased stress may rupture the tendon.
  • Injection: A steroid injection given in the tendon to treat tendonitis can also cause tendon rupture.
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How is it Treated?

Treatment depends on which tendon was ruptured and how severe it is. The joints that are most commonly affected by tendon injuries are elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles. For any tendon rupture, your doctor will first suggest conservative methods involving rest, applying ice, compression, immobilization and medication. If these methods do not give you relief, then the doctor will recommend a tendon repair surgery. In the surgery, the doctor sews the torn ends of the tendon together. In some cases, if there is not enough healthy tendon tissue left, then the doctor may perform a tendon graft surgery.

How is the Recovery?

Usually, tendon repair surgery is done as an outpatient procedure so the patient can go home on the same day. Healing of the tendon may take up to 12 weeks. The injured joint may be supported with a cast or a splint to immobilize it and reduce the stress on the tendon. Physical therapy is usually necessary to regain movement of the joint.

Why Choose Treasure Valley Hospital for this surgery?

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